Creating Educational Experiences

Turn-key programs reaching educators, youth organizations, parents and students.

What We Do

Connecting brands & consumers through educational experiences

With a passion for education and innovation, we use our expertise and creativity to develop turn-key multi-platform programs that connect corporations to educators, youth organizations, students and parents.

We understand client missions and create customized programs to:

  • Provide turn-key promotional and marketing opportunities
  • Meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals
  • Reach the core audience with key messaging
  • Increase sales and brand awareness

We reach clients' consumers through educational and family marketing by:

  • Geo-targeting educators based on client needs
  • Extending outreach through key youth organization partners
  • Creating programs with current educational relevance for maximum impact
  • Including parents and families in outreach by creating at-home messaging
  • Offering innovative marketing strategy solutions

Our Work

Turn-key programs to assist corporations with their CSR initiatives from STEM to Financial Literacy and more.

Corporate Social Responsibility Work Samples:

About Us

EduNetwork Partners Inc. seamlessly integrates your brand messaging into custom-designed curriculum and educational activities. We create unique and engaging multi-platform programs that reach millions of students and their families, through educators nationwide.

We partner with you to create content that:

  • Supports and builds on your corporate and cause-related goals and initiatives

  • Elevates brand awareness and fosters loyalty

  • Complements and expands your existing programs and PR initiatives

  • Seamlessly integrates your brand messaging into exciting new curriculum & activities

  • Reaches your target audience of consumers through trusted channels

EduNetwork Partners will deliver engaging and innovative educational programs on-time and in a professional manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing need as currently every business considers what benefit they can bring to society in addition to the products and services they may provide.

CSR is based on the belief that corporations have a greater duty to the world beyond providing jobs and making profits.

Corporations set goals for environmental, educational and social impacts in order improve life and reduce harm where ever possible.

CSR outreach also provides visibility for that business. Edunetwork Partners experience in creating successful campaigns for outreach to educators and families is described in these case studies.

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